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Advanced YouTube SEO Course: Learn Advanced YouTube SEO

Ready to learn how to rank your YouTube videos on the first page of search results?

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This course is only guaranteed through December! 

Learn Advanced YouTube SEO

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This Advanced YouTube SEO Checklist Has Over 97 Steps To Ensure Your Videos Rank On Page One Of Search Results!


Get More YouTube Views


This advanced YouTube SEO checklist will show you exactly how to drive more traffic to your videos, and get more views on your YouTube channel in 2022, by optimizing your titles, descriptions, channel, tags, and more!


Make More Money From YouTube

Ad Revenue!

Learning advanced YouTube SEO will ensure you get more watch time on your channel, because your videos will rank on page 1 of YouTube (and Google) using the latest YT SEO best practices.


Get More Likes And Comments

On Your YouTube Videos!

Ranking on the first page of search results using advanced YouTube seo techniques will get you more likes and comments from viewers organically, because way more people will find and watch your videos.


Get More Watch Time On YouTube

By Ranking In Search Results!

Learn advanced YouTube SEO and increase the watch time on your YouTube videos by showing up in search results organically.


YouTube SEO Best Practices

Learn the best practices for advanced YouTube SEO with this free 79-step YouTube SEO Checklist!

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Frequently Asked Questions About Advanced YouTube SEO

  • Do You Offer Courses On Advanced YouTube SEO?

  • Yes!  You will find access to our courses inside the free advanced YouTube SEO Checklist at the link above

  • Do These Advanced YouTube SEO techniques still work in 2022? 

  • Yes!  These advanced YouTube seo tactics have been developed over 15 years on the YouTube platform.  There are over 79 steps you can take to ensure your videos rank #1

  • Where can I learn advanced YouTube SEO?

  • The free YouTube SEO mastery checklist is the best place to start learning about YouTube search engine optimization. Inside the checklist you will find a link to our advanced YouTube SEO training.

  • Does Search Engine Optimization Work On YouTube?

  • Yes! YouTube is owned by Google, and is the second largest search engine in the world, with over 2 Billion active users. Advanced YouTube seo is the technique used to drive traffic to videos in 2022.

  • Who currently offers the best advanced YouTube SEO training?

  • James Jernigan SEO and how2rank.com currently provide the best YouTube seo training available in 2022. Start by downloading the free Checklist, and then either take the 7-day white hat seo course, or the black hat CTR manipulation training.

  • How to rank videos in YouTube search results in 2022

  • There are 79 steps you can take to ensure your videos rank in YouTube search results in 2022.  Everything from your titles and descriptions, to tags and metadata will need to be optimized.  Having a thumbnail that pops will help your CRO (click through rate optimization.)

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