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Jones CTR manipulation

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CTR Manipulation Basics

This simple ctr manipulation training will show you exactly how to drive REAL traffic to your website, without relying on expensive Jones courses, or traffic viper ctr tools.


William's 5 Day CTR Mastermind

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Imagine spending $997 to learn CTR manipulation and William's SOPS (standard operating procedures,) and then having to spend even more on tools like the traffic viper. James Jernigan's training works better, and doesn't require any expensive CTR manipulation tools.


James Jernigan's CTR Manipulation Course

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It's no mystery why some of the most famous SEO influencers on YouTube have tried and recommend James Jernigan's CTR manipulation training... It simply works magic!


CTR Manipulation Service

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After you take this  25 minute CTR manipulation lesson, you will never need to pay for CTR manipulation services ever again.  This simple technique will rank your videos faster than Elon Musk's latest rocket.


The GMB Pro Bundle

Don't waste your time learning about Google My Business with William... Soon it won't exist anymore.  Google just announced it will be replaced with Google Business Profiles.

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Frequently Asked Questions About CTR Manipulation

  • Does CTR Manipulation Really Work?

  • Does Google really use engagement as a ranking factor?  YES, clickthrough rate manipulation is one of the most popular SEO tactics of 2021.

  • Is CTR Manipulation Black Hat SEO?

  • Yes, technically CTR manipulation is a black-hat search engine optimization technique. In other words, it is against Google's terms of use... However Google regularly censors the entire internet, and breaks all kinds of laws around the world... So who cares about their silly rules?  LETS MAKE SOME MONEY!

  • Can CTR Manipulation  Get My Website Penalized?

  • Your website could be penalized at any time for doing any sort of SEO whatsoever... Technically, ALL SEO is against Google's terms of use. So could it happen? Yes... However, I have never had a website penalized from CTR manipulation, nor do I know anyone else who has. Use at your own risk!

  • Is CTR Manipulation Illegal?

  • No, there is nothing illegal about CTR manipulation. Although it may be against the "terms of use" of some platforms, it is not against the law to fake engagement on your website or social media profile!

  • Does CTR Manipulation Cost Money?

  • Yes. You are literally paying other human beings to manually search for and engage with your content. Instead of using bots, you are paying someone to do a simple task for you. However, CTR manipulation is vastly less expensive than traditional advertising and SEO techniques.

  • If I Stop Doing CTR Manipulation, Will My Rankings Drop?

  • This is highly dependent on the level of competition, or in other words, how often competing videos are uploaded or tweaked.  In low competition niches, your video could stay ranked for years after stopping CTR.  In high competition niches, you may need to continually add CTR daily to stay on page one.  

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