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SERP Position Checker

Instantly check the position of your website in the SERPs using this tool

Ranking on the first page of Google SERPs is getting increasingly difficult every day.  Gone are the days of simple SEO techniques like keyword stuffing and mass link building...

These days, ranking on Google requires a vast knowledge of both on and off page SEO best practices.  In order to figure out exactly what your web page will need to rank in the first position of SERPs, you will need to use a SERP position checker.  A SERP position checker will show you exactly where your website ranks in Google search results for each keyword.

Once your find where your website ranks using the SERP position checker, the next step is to use the keyword tool to find even more keywords you can incorporate into your website.  You will also want to make use of the full SEO audit function of the tool to see what other changes you can make to your website that will have a positive affect on your rank in SERPs.

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