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William Jones of Rank Fortress: GMB SEO Expert
William Jones GMB Expert

William Jones From Rank Fortress SEO Has Been Caught Plagiarizing Content, But Refuses To Admit It!

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Prank Fortress Digital Academy: The Place To Buy Bootleg SEO Content

Also known as Rank Fortress Digital Agency, William Jones and his clown crew have been pirating other SEO's content for 100 years. King of the high digital seas, William sees fit to steal whatever he wants from whoever he wants. He has even ripped off several very well known SEO's. Lucky for you (unlucky for him) this is the first time he done it to someone just petty enough to care... What, you thought I was making all this up? LOL. I don't really care that he copied my YouTube video descriptions, or even that he lied about it. People do that every single day. I don't even care that he is selling my free YouTube checklist for $7. Whatever you gotta do to pay the bills, buddy.. 

What William Jones SEO doesn't seem to understand, is that plagiarism is an extremely goofy "black hat tactic" (as he calls it) to use while calling yourself a professional businessman. Sure, he may be decent at regurgitating "standard operating procedures" that he acquires from other (more skilled SEO's) but he is awful at maintaining a professional reputation.  Apparently being honest is an ethical dilemma for this fella, so I wanted to do anyone reading this far a favor... 

What you are looking at is real... Do you think I photoshopped the screenshots, and deepfaked the video where he thanks me for not only inspiring him to join YouTube, but coaching him to his first 1000 subscribers? Oh yeah... I also gave him access to all of my courses for free, and made him an affiliate. Instead of choosing to promote my trainings, he copied them and overcharges for them. That has been my experience with William Jones the GMB guru, but please... Don't take my word for it. Ask any of the other well-known SEO's he has interviewed on his channel if they still deal with this joker.

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Rank Fortress Digital Academy: Did You Mean Prank Fortress?