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Keys To Success

Free SEO Tutorial


by @BestSEO on Tikok, aka James Jernigan SEO

  • Last Updated: May. 16, 2022

  • Are you tired of spending so much time on your website, but getting so little traffic?

    This free SEO tutorial will show you exactly how to get those sweet, sweet first page Google rankings!

    It all boils down to how well you optimize your website, social media profiles, and digital content.

    Whether you are trying to rank your website, a YouTube video, or a social media post; the basic principles of search engine optimization remain the same!

    Free SEO Tutorial Exposes Hidden Weaknesses In The Google Algorithm!

    Most of the big-name seo agencies will talk the balls of a rhinoceros about white-hat SEO, and how important it is to do your marketing within Google's terms of use. LOL.

    I guess if you think Google is an ethical company, with your best interests in mind, that's just dandy...

    The problem is, many business owners understand that not only does Google manipulate their own search results, but that they have no problem sucking your ad budget dry without providing a single lead or conversion. 

    So why should we follow their rules?

    If you ask me, we shouldn't.  Google doesn't own the internet, or my website!  In fact, I never asked them to send their bots or index my site in their database.  Yet, here we are...

    So, if you want to learn what really moves the needle when it comes to digital marketing, and you could care less what a global monopoly thinks about it:  This is the free SEO tutorial for you!

    Watch the


    Quit wasting your time with "white hat SEO"

    Learn the truth about ranking on Google

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