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Hubspot SEO Certification Alternative

How to rank on page 1 of Google over and over again using free websites!

This alternative to Hubspot's SEO certification will show you everything you need to know to get free traffic from Google in 2022!

This 7-day video training will show you how to get unlimited web traffic from Google search results using your social media accounts, and how to monetize that traffic using free websites!

  • No experience or skills necessary! 

  • No ongoing fees or subscriptions! 

  • Generous 50% referral program!   

Yes, I Want Free Traffic From Google!

Learn SEO in 7 Days: The Best Alternative To Hubspot SEO Certification

Here's Everything You Will Learn This Week

(Plus Extra Bonuses!)

This 7-Day SEO Video Training Explains:

*One lesson will unlock each day for 7 days, then you retain lifetime access to all lessons!
  • Video 1: How To Identify And Locate Your Target Audience

  • Video 2: How To Analyze And Copy Your Top Competitors

  • Video 3: How To Find All Of The High-Value Keywords Others Miss

  • Video 4: How To Create And Optimize Social Media Accounts For Business

  • Video 5: How To Quickly Create Engaging Content That Google Can't Resist

  • Video 6: How To Create A YouTube Channel (Without Showing Your Face)

  • Video 7: How To Quickly Build Free Websites That Rank On Google

  • BONUS VIDEO 1: How To Erase The Background Of Any Image In Seconds

  • BONUS VIDEO 2: Foolproof DIY Graphic And Logo Design Using Canva

  • BONUS VIDEO 3: How To Create Automated Sales Videos Using A Secret Tool!

Watch this video and learn how to get unlimited traffic from Google without ever paying for ads again!

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  • The How 2 Rank Affiliate Program:

    Registering For This Course Automatically Enrolls You Into My Affiliate Program, Meaning You Earn 50% Of Every Sale You Refer!

    “Does This Man Own Google?”

    James Jernigan Shows You 6 Incredibly Difficult #1 Spots He Owns On Google – Some In Industries Where He Doesn’t Even Have A Company!

    Ready To Learn How To Make Google Flood Your Website With Free Traffic In 2021?

    My name is James Jernigan...

    And I own a little search engine named Google (OK, Not Really).…

    But when you see the way I make “The Goog” do my bidding and bow to my every whim (ethically, of course)

    You’ll swear I’ve hacked into their servers, kidnapped an executive, blackmailed an engineer… Or SOMETHING.

    You see, I’ve invented a dead-simple recipe for SEO success anyone can follow (including YOU) to do exactly what I’ll show you in the video above… Rank #1 on Google for anything you want.

    So watch the video, click the yellow button, and let’s get started making you #1 on Google, too.

    Just How Good Is

    James Jernigan SEO?

  • Odds are, you found this website through SEO – how am I doing so far?

  • I’ve built numerous Google #1 ranked websites just like this one.

  •  I have been using (and studying) search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing daily for over 20 years.

  • I’ve “reverse engineered” SEO and created easy-to-follow, step-by-step recipes for SEO mastery.

  • After 16 years of being “the secret weapon” behind big companies, I’ve finally decided to help YOU fight back – and win against the Google algorithm

  • You can try my program FREE and see for yourself without paying a cent. Just click that yellow button

  • What I’ve Got To Offer

    “By following the How 2 Rank 7-Day Video Training, you will gain the same very particular set of skills I have acquired over a very long career. Skills that make you a nightmare for the big companies who have a death grip on the #1 Google spots in your industry.”

    Skills you will have by next week:

    How To Identify Your Target Customers

    How To Analyze Your Competitors' websites

    How To Find And Develop Relevant Keywords

    How To Set Up Your GMB (Google My Business)

    How To Setup And Manage A YouTube Channel

    How To Create Digital Content And Multi-Media

    How To Optimize Content For Social Media

    How To Build And Optimize Your Website

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    It really does not matter:

    Even If… You’ve NEVER designed a website before, as long as you know how to “drag and drop,” I can show you how to beat the big companies at the SEO game & get #1 on Google

    Even If… You’ve never made a YouTube video in your life, and don't want to show your face on camera, I can show you how to use stock footage to (ethically) “hack” every social network and start generating a profit

    Even If… Today is the first day you’ve heard of SEO (Search Engine Optimization), if you can bake a cake from a recipe I can show you the EASY recipe for top-ranking SEO

    Even If… You don’t have any money to invest in your SEO at first, as long as you can follow directions, I can show you how to start earning money from SEO through my affiliate program.

    Best of all, once you get your new SEO skills going… I can show you how to earn automatic, repeatable income from all the free traffic you’re getting, or sell your skills to companies who need you.

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    How SEO Works In 2022

    Content Is Still King!

    Despite the rumors you may have heard about old black hat seo tricks, such as: link-building, spamming web 2.0 blogs, PBN's, 301 redirects, and other hacks that attempt to trick the latest Google algorithms... The truth is, there are no shortcuts when it comes to ranking #1 on Google in 2021. The reality is, if you want to show up on page one of search results, your new content needs to be better, or in other words, of higher quality, than the content currently ranking #1. This training will show you not only how to create better content, but how to properly optimize it so that search engines will find and index it automatically!

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    Professional SEO works WITH the latest Google algorithm updates, not against them...

    If your goal is to increase traffic to your business for the long-term, starting with organic white hat SEO should be a no brainer... Why risk getting your website penalized, or worse, erased from Google all together by gambling on shady short-cuts?  Instead, an effective search engine optimization strategy focuses on creating content that is not only optimized for search engines, but also optimized for engaging human visitors. Quite simply, modern SEO is not just about getting people to your website, but keeping them on your page, and convincing them to buy!

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    All Digital Media Content Should Be Optimized!

    These days, search engine optimization requires much more than just choosing a relevant domain, and using the correct keywords on your website. Now, properly optimizing content for search engines like Google begins with creating the content itself.  Digital media (like articles, photos, audio, and video) hosted on blogs and social media accounts can rank on Google by themselves if properly optimized; My training shows you how to take advantage of this fact, and use it to drive up the authority (and rank) of your website.

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    If You Have A Smartphone And Laptop, You Can Do SEO...

    Despite what many smooth-talking marketers may have told you, these days effective SEO for small to medium sized businesses no longer requires an expert SEO agency, or even thousands of dollars! Obviously those are both super helpful, but the fact is, even beginners are achieving astounding Google rankings using this content-first SEO strategy.  

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    Start Earning Money From SEO Today!

    By purchasing this SEO training, you will be automatically enrolled into my affiliate program, meaning:

    You will earn 50% of every sale you refer to me!


    If two people sign up through your link,

    your training has already paid for itself...

    Since you will soon know how to drive massive organic traffic using my proven SEO method, I'm guessing you will get a lot more than 2 referrals! 

    I've already helped hundreds of people get found on Google...

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    Powerful information in just one short lesson!

    Rachel H.

    I learned a lot from that first lesson!

    Lynn C.

    Thanks , eye opening indeed 🙌

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    Wow, awesome, great value! Thanks, keep up the good work!

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