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Tiktok for SEO? How to use Tiktok to rank on Google in 2022

Google recently announced they would be indexing Tiktok videos in search results.  Here is everything you need to know:

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The Low-Down On Using TikTok For SEO:

     Everyone knows that Tiktok is currently the hottest platform for fast-paced viral video content. More and more creators are experiencing absolutely explosive growth on the platform, reaching unprecedented levels of success overnight thanks to the notorious "for you page" algorithm. But few people know just how much potential Tiktok has for SEO, now that Google has announced that they are working to index Tiktok videos in search results!

     To the casual observer, it seems like there is little room for search engine optimization on the Tiktok platform. After all, Tiktok limits creators to 100 characters for each video caption (description.) Your Tiktok profile has relatively limited space for keywords, compared to most other social media platforms. So how exactly would someone optimize their Tiktok account to be found organically in Google search results?

     The first place to start when it comes to Tiktok SEO is your Username.  First of all, your username becomes the suffix of the URL associated with your TIktok profile. Just like with websites, having your target keyword in your URL immediately give Google an idea what your page is about. Depending on how competitive your keyword is, this alone could be enough for your Tiktok profile to start showing up organically in Google search results.

     After you've selected a Tiktok username that contains your target keyword, the next step write a short bio using variations of your keyword. Although there is only space for 80 characters in your Tiktok bio, remember to use only the words you want associated with your account. Try to include words and phrases someone might type into Google search results when looking for more information about profiles or businesses like yours.

     Once you have 1000 followers, you will also be able to put a link in your profile. Ever heard of backlinks? A backlink is when another website on the internet links to yours. In addition to creating a doorway from one website (or other online asset, like social media profile) to yours, these backlinks provide information to Google about how popular your website is. Putting a link to your website in your Tiktok profile not only creates a backlink, but it also lets you easily funnel people who find one of your videos on the "for you page" straight to your website so that they can opt-in to your list or buy your products.

     Once your profile is optimized, its time to start creating videos. As social media algorithms become increasingly complex, it's important to step back and think about how they really work. In addition to the hashtags in your video description, AI is essentially analyzing the words, and even imagery in your Tiktok videos. With this in mind, it would logically follow that saying your keywords out loud in your videos is best practice, if you are looking to be found in search results. While it's hard to provide concrete proof that creating a Tiktok video about a given subject is enough to organically rank the video on Google, it certainly couldn't hurt! If platforms like YouTube and Tiktok can automatically generate subtitles, most likely they are storing that information as metadata somewhere, so keep that in mind as you optimize your Tiktoks for SEO.

     Another hack for ranking Tiktok videos in search results is embedding them onto highly optimized web pages. If you click the share icon on you Tiktok video, you will see the option to copy the embed code. Simply paste this code into the proper element on your website or blog, and then optimize the webpage to target the keyword you want your video to rank for. While this takes a bit more effort than the steps listed previously, it is a guaranteed way to get you video to show up on Google, and get more views on your Tiktok videos using SEO.

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