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YouTube SEO Audits: Advanced YouTube SEO

Expert YouTube Channel Optimization

  • Rank your videos in search results

  • Get more views, engagement, and subscribers 

  • 79-point YouTube channel audit done for you

Sick of spending time and money making YouTube videos that get no views? Get an advanced YouTube SEO audit and learn how to get free views by ranking your videos on the first page of search results!

  • Would reaching 848K people this year with videos change your business?


    Because that is exactly what happened after I optimized my YouTube channel a year ago; I started getting thousands of dollars worth of traffic from YouTube and Google search results FOR FREE!  

    The best part about organic traffic is how well it converts... 
    Do you normally buy from ads, or after searching for exactly what you want?

    Turn Your Videos Into Passive Income That Grows Every Month


    Rank Videos On YouTube

    Correctly optimizing your videos according to advanced YouTube seo best-practices will ensure that each and every video you upload starts getting views almost immediately from the 2 Billion+ people searching the YouTube platform.

    Rank Videos On Google

    Since YouTube is owned by Google, correctly optimized YouTube videos can show up organically on the first page of Google search results. Currently, there are over 4 Billion people worldwide searching for information on Goolge.

    Monetize Your Videos

    In less than a year, SEO took my channel from getting virtually no views, to earning me money every single month from work I finished a long time ago. The best part is the traffic (and income) increases every month that I continue uploading videos!


  • 79-Point YouTube Channel Inspection

    I will audit your entire YouTube channel using my 79-point advanced YouTube SEO checklist, and send you a color-coded spreadsheet with the results. You will also receive a video explaining how to implement the changes.


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